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TRYING TO BUILD A GOOD LIFE? Make sure it's on a secure foundation.

Updated: Feb 14

Welcome to Vashti's House. Looking forward to knowing you!

Welcome to Vashti’s House. Come in and make yourself at home!

I love watching home improvement shows on TV. In the variety of shows I’ve seen, there is a common thread of the worst possible scenario, and that is the discovery of a compromised foundation.

Whether it’s a single crack or complete crumbling, no further renovation can happen until the foundation is secure.

A compromised foundation is never a welcome discovery. It’s “the bad news”. It uses up the most valuable resources of time and money that is meant for the good stuff that excites and captivates us.

Shoring up the foundations in my life has cost me a lot of time and money. It almost didn’t seem worth it at times. The money lost or used and the time spent working through my past, forgiving others, getting support, and putting aside personal goals and dreams to create better foundations for my life was a huge risk. But it is a risk that has paid off.

The investments I made in shoring up the foundations of personal worth and value, understanding my purpose, and developing the capacity for meaningful relationships has given me a return in life that were at one time just a dream. Inner peace, loving relationships, the ability to make decisions instead of react, the capacity to set healthy boundaries and maintain them, a strong sense of self, and lastly, the ability to pursue my dreams just for the joy of it and without the need for permission or approval were all things I never before thought possible.

The stability of home is what gives us a secure foundation to grow and mature throughout our lifetime. However, for many of us as children, "home” wasn’t a place of love and security, it was a place of chaos and danger… a place we had to learn to survive. As we’ve grown up, this fact has made it difficult for us to create a home for ourselves that provides the strong foundation it is meant to. A foundation that is necessary to sustain true advancement and progress. That’s why I created Vashti’s House.

Vashti’s House exists to give you the support, tools and resources you need create the foundation of “home” in your life so you can make a home inside yourself and create “home” whoever you go. Because healthy homes are the foundation of all healthy systems, discovering and advancing the art and science of creating a home experience is at the core of everything we do.

Me and my mom in 1966. Eight years later my mom would leave.

If you’re like me, there were huge chunks of your childhood where home wasn’t happening and you were just learning to survive. As an adult, my survival mentality and skills didn’t help me move forward very well. As a result, I experienced a collapse in my mental and emotional health, my physical health, relationships, and ultimately a collapse of hope. After my journey that lasted decades, I finally understood and accepted that being at home was something that had to happen inside of me and it couldn’t be dependent on external things that could be lost taken away.

Unlike rebuilding a foundation on a home where it is unseen, the foundations you create with Vashti’s House will be noticed and felt immediately. Building foundations with Vashti’s House is beautiful, captivating and inspiring. Worth your time and investment. Check out our products and services and let us know how we can serve and support you!

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1 Comment

Vashti Wold- Young
Vashti Wold- Young
Jun 26, 2022

Hey, Vashti here. Welcome! What I'm sharing on this page is straight from the heart in real time. Let me know if something connected with you or if you have something to add or a different perspective to share. We are all learning from each other!

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