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Vashti has spent most of her 25-year career in adult and juvenile corrections serving in security, treatment, and support staff capicities.  Vashti's passion throughout her career has been helping people enjoy success in the community after incarcaration. 

 Vashti and her husband have been married for over 30 years.  She is the mother to six kids, kids-in-law, and a grandmother. 


Marion County Transitional Center- Salem, OR: Treatment facilitator

Santiam Correctional Institution- Salem, OR: Treatment facilitator

Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST)- Salem, OR: Part time correctional instructor

Corban University- Salem, OR: Criminal Justice Department adjunct professor

Santiam Correctional Institution- Salem, OR: Treatment facilitator

Oregon State Correctional Institution- Salem, OR: Treatment facilitator

Oregon State Penitentiary- Salem, OR: Treatment facilitator

Hillchrest Youth Correctional Facility- Salem, OR: Group Life Coordinator II

McLaughlin Youth Correctional Facility- Anchorage, AK: Juvenile Justice Officer II

Hiland Mountain Correctional Institution- Anchorage, AK: Mentoring coordinator; Life skills facilitator

Alaska Correctional Ministries- Anchorage, AK: Development Coordinator; Volunteer Coordinator and Trainer

Palmer Correctional Institution- Anchorage, AK: Life skills facilitator

Christian Community Placement Services- Salem, OR: Proctor Parent

Concept Seven- Orange, CA: Juvenile transitional home support staff


Women's ministry leader and board member: The Way Church

Founder and Director of ManUp: Community transition program for men in re-entry after incarcaration

Program Mentor: Simonka House

Personal Mentor: Highland Mountain Correctional


Master of Science in Criminal Justice/Corrections and Reentry: University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH

Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Family Studies: Corban University; Salem, OR

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice: Chemeketa University; Salem, OR

Vashti is a lifelong member of the PSI CHI International Honor Society in Psychology

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