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workout program for your inner self

"The childhood trauma I experienced hindered my emotional and cognitive development.  This left me feeling powerless over basic life conflicts and responsibilities. 

As an adult, I learned I have the power to re-nurture myself and re-train my brain to fill in those gaps with simple and consistent exercises and activities. This program is what I do to keep my inner self healthy and strong.

The coaches who have helped me along the way will be there to guide you too!  Join me in making yourself at home with the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain, workout program for your inner self!"  Vashti 




Coach Ruby 

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I know what it's like to live with limited abilities.  But I also know if old dogs can learn new tricks to make their life better, so can you. 

 and  Coach Ranger

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You can do this workout by yourself, with a friend or help someone else by using it as a client resource

I like to do these with Coach Ruby or Intern Felix because I'm an extravert and I never like to be alone!

Purchase and download your Workout Manual!

  • Only $25!  This download will be usable and accessible for your lifetime. Includes copyright permission for inner agency duplication!

  • 5 sessions of workout instruction from Coach Ruby and Coach Ranger to get the most out of your workouts.

  • Nearly 200 "heart" and "brain" exercises to choose from, putting you in the driver's seat of managing your own inner health! 

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Strapped for cash but want to get started?  Download a FREE introductory workbook.  This will get you started right away with  Coach Ranger and me.

Work the program!


  • Follow Coach Ruby and Coach Ranger on Social Media #gyhtyb

  • Come back to this page to get immediate coaching from Coach Ruby and Coach Ranger

  • Collect inspirational merchandise to keep motivated and going strong!

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Be inspired with easy reference posters! No workout space is compete without the workout posters!   

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Get your t-shirt to inspire your workouts...or to reward yourself for a job well done!


Want to journal your workouts?  Take Coach Ruby and Ranger with you as your constant companions and guides with this pocket sized and portable journal. 


Coaches Ruby and Ranger with Intern Felix are here to let you know ANYONE can do the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain workout program

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