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The simple exercises in the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain workout program for your INNER self are proven methods to help calm anxiety, re-set an overactive nervous system, grow better neurological pathways, and develop better mind body connections. 


What we've done at Vashti's House is simply compile the exercises in one place and give a context for how they can be used!


This allows you, the individual, to be in control of your own healing journey by managing your workouts and doing the exercises at your own pace. The Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain workout program gives the power to you!  It's fun, it's easy, it's manageable


The best part is, Vashti's House has provided coaches to be there for encouragement and inspiration.  No other program has coaches as qualified or as friendly! 

DID YOU KNOW that no matter how much you're exercising or eating right, if you are living with toxic stress, it creates illness and disease in the body?


Data shows that unresolved stress gets stored in your body and can cause illness and disease such as Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and mental health diseases and disorders. 


Toxic stress is a poison to you and your body wants to get rid of it!  But the stress of life can also make us feel out of control and powerless to change.


The good news incorporating the Grow Your Heart/Change Your Brain exercises, change will happen automatically!  


"Do this workout program by yourself as part of  your own health and wellness journey.


If you are a caseworker, clinician, or treatment facilitator, use it as a fun and inspiring resource for your clients.  It's evidence based and data supported. But most of all, they will want to meet me and Coach Ranger.  I promise.


Maybe you want to incorporate this program at your business or organization and make it part of your work culture.  After all, healthy people are happier people and better employees!"


  Coach Ruby 




Facilitator manual and participant workbook for purchase

  1. Complete workout sessions (or lessons)

  2. Full definitions and explanations of exercises

  3. Fun, engaging and inspiring

  4. Perfect supplement for client intervention or treatment plans

  5. A resource for creating a sanctuary work environment!             

GYHTYB Exercise- Practice Porch Sitting
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Heart Exercise # 3- Stretch
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GYHTYB Exercise- Take a walk
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GYHTYB Exercise- Take a nap
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GYHTYB Exercise- Get into water
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GYHTYB Exercise- Daydream
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Heart Exercise #26 - Sit by the fire
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GYHTYB Exercise- Hold Hands
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Ruby and Ranger art by Katrina Wold