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"The best way to grow and learn is by being together in purposeful ways.

I created Vashti's House so we can be together as we grow and learn. So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy the fun!"  Vashti

Meet the Staff


Let Vashti partner with you to create the most inviting, healing, and growth promoting strategies for your life or organization.

Coaching, Consulting, Training. Facilitating. Program development. Strategizing. 

"The value of Vashti's House is it provides a safe place where people can experience the adventure of growth." Corban


Corban Towers

Administrative Director

Product and Program Development 

Event Planning and Support

Community Outreach and Communications


About Vashti's House

Mission, Vision, Values



To provide meaningful foundational experiences everyone needs in the form of carefully developed books, resources, and products, for a lifetime of growth and development. 

To create low barrier opportunities with most impactful outcomes through interactive products that are fairly priced and connected to community.  

Solve the worlds mental health crisis one meaningful experience at a time.

The Vashti's House vision is that everyone who visits Vashti's House will feel welcome and have a life-changing meantingful experience, no matter how big or small. 


The foundational value of Vashti's House is that our primary place of safety and security is inside of us.  If we make a home insider ourselves, our safety and security and happiness is independent from circumstances.

Home is a
state of being born out of personal responsibility and is an inherent possibility for every person regardless of background, circumstances, limitations or experiences.

Home is the
universal foundation for individual and community health and wholeness.

Home is a
place of peace, expectancy, belonging and a sanctuary for growth. 

Meet our Partners

Katrina Wold Art Headshot_edited.jpg
Meet Our Cotributos

Laurie Jackson

Laurie is one of our training specialists as well as authoring several books for Vashti's House including the Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Series


Laurie is a licensed professional counselor with a private practice in Anchorage, Alaska. She has a natural enthusiasm for life and as a gifted musician, often incorporates music, as well as humor, to communicate life changing truths we all need to remember. Click here to learn more about Laurie and how you can connect with her. 

George Escalante

George is one of our professional development training specialists and community support contacts.  


He is an Engagement and Wellness Advocate at a hospital and medical center. His role is to provide counsel and support to staff, especially after a crisis event.  He is a certified and experienced trainer of the "Stress First Aid", a nationally recognized training for mitigating toxic stress in first responders.  

Katrina Wold

Katrina is our contributing artist.  We like to use original art at Vashti's House because artists can more accurately capture the heart and soul of a message.   

Katrina Wold is an award winning artist and lifelong resident of Alaska.  We have more upcoming projects featuring Katrina's art so stay tuned!  Click here to learn more about Katrina, what inspires her and how you can own more of Katrina's whimsical and heartwarming art. . 

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