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Let Vashti partner with you to create the most inviting, healing, and growth promoting strategies for your life, agency  or organization.

Coaching, Consulting, Training. Facilitating. Program development. Strategizing. 


Administrative Director

Product and Program Development 

Event Planning and Support

Community Outreach and Communications


Corban Towers


Vashti's House is dedicated to advancing the art and science of making a home inside yourself and giving you the tools to build a home wherever you go. 



We are committed to providing data supported and evidenced based personal and professional services, products and resources to help create foundations of home in accessible and impactful ways. 


Home is a state of being born out of personal responsibility and as an inherent possibility for every person regardless of background, circumstances, limitations or experiences.

Home is the
universal foundation for individual and community health and wholeness.

Home is a
place of peace, expectancy, belonging and a sanctuary for growth. 

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