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All great fitness programs have a way to measure your growth and PRs (personal records).  This fitness program is no different!  This state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind fitness program for your INNER self is fun to do and will create lifelong habits for health and happiness. 


Journaling and keeping lists of accomplishments are actually some of the exercises in this program, so just getting this unique and specialized journal will immediately launch you into the level of emotional and mental wellness. 


Get your Daily Workout Log today and make the exercises more meaningful than they already are.  Fill up your PR pages and send a picture to us  at and Coach Ruby and Coach Ranger will send you a congragulatory gift.  Let's do this!


This journal is a 6x9, spiral bound, soft cover to keep it light, portable and easy to manage. 

Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain Daily Workout Log

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