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The Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain fitness program is perfect for individuals who want to be personally empowered to manage their own emotional and mental wellness and take charge of their peronal growth and development. 


This program follows the CBT and DBT evidence based intervention models, with the twist that it allows for individuals to intervene on their own behalf by participating in the program. This model supports the work you are already doing and will encourage and inspire your clients to do their own work.


THIS FACILITATOR MANUAL INCLUDES THE FULL INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT MANUAL with permissions to photocopy for client use. This one-time purchase for each facilitator, coach, clinician or caseworker will help your organization keep costs low for serving large populations or populations with high turnover. Let us know how we can support you and your organization.


this digital option is cost effective and versitile, giving your facilitators options for binding and accomodating closed custdody environments. 


We at Vashti's House are comitted to helping helpers!  Let us know how we can support you!

Grow Your Heart, Train Your Brain Facilitator Training Manual

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