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make yourself at home


Vashti's House is a lifestyle company dedicated to advancing the art and science of making a home inside yourself and creating home wherever you go. 

We provide data supported and evidenced based services, products and resources to help you create foundations of home in your own life and in the lives of those around you. 


Home is a place of
Peace, Expectancy, Belonging.
A Sanctuary for Growth.

Helping people be at home is at the core of everything we do! 
Peace is the result of cultivated trust
Expectancy is the result of established traditions, routines and rhythms
Belonging is the result of authentic connection
A Sanctuary For Growth is the result of intentional living


Learn more about what's going on at the house!

Tired of feeling emotionally defeated, detached or overwhelmed?  Reset your emotional equilibrium to a healthier place, get the positive emotional boost you've been needing, and learn practical skills that will last a lifetime!  

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 Creative, engaging, captivating and memorable.  Learn more about how Vashti can help you make your organization a place of peace, expectancy,  belonging and a sanctuary for growth!

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Professional Development Trainor

Program development 

Consulting and more...

We all know how important it is to exercise!  But did you know, that doing exercises to keep your inner self healthy is just as important!  Learn More about the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain workout program for your INNER self!  

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Give people the tools they need to build the life they want.  A character education program EVERYONE can get behind.  Fun, foundational and comprehensive!    



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"At Vashti's House, we don't focus on change, we focus on gain.  Gaining new skills, new tools, new perspectives, new experiences and new information will bring the change you want!"  Vashti