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make yourself at home


   Everyone needs a home base to grow and learn. 

Our goal at Vashti's House is to be your home base by providing the resources and support you need to create a lifetime of emotional, mental, and relational health. We want to help you make yourself at home so you can create home wherever you go! 

Home is a place of peace, expectancy and belonging and a sanctuary for growth. 


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What's happening at The House?

In the office

Welcome to Vashti's House! Keeping the office in the house helps me stay connected!

Emotional Wellness Workshop

We have upcoming Community Workshops and professional development training options.

Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain

This workout manual is a fitness program for your inner self! It's the only fitness program designed especially for your inner self.

Celebrating happens at Vashti's House

Celebrating, when incorporated consistently can bring the feel good encouragements we need to thrive in life. So far this year we hosted a wedding party at the house and later this simmer, a backyard movie night for friends and family! Touch base and let us know how you celebrate!

Head Coach Ruby

The reason we like fitness programs is because it takes the guesswork out of staying physically healthy and strong. The Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain fitness program is the first of it's kind. It takes the guesswork out of staying emotionally and mentally healthy and strong. Let Coach Ruby show you how.

We have Community Resource Partners

Ariana one of our community partners. Learn more on our "resource" page!

Make your space a home with inspirational wall art!

Two options to choose from to cultivate peace, expectancy, belonging, and a sanctuary for growth in your home or community space. A great mission statement designed to complement any aesthetic.

Emotional Wellness Workshops have a unique angle.

These skill building workshops give practical tools for managing and budgeting your emotional energy to get the things in life you want. Find our more!

Outdoor Inspiration

These beautiful blooms at The House help keep us grounded!

GYH #45

There are 99 "heart" exercises in the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain fitness program. Follow Coaches Ruby and Ranger for daily tips.

My Refrigerator Door

Simple things around the house can remind of us what's important. Find out what Vashti learned by opening her refrigerator.

Feeling save vs. Being safe

Follow us on social media for regular inspirations and encouragement.

Teatime at The House

Written notes from incarcerated class members.

Professional Development

Our professional development and program development services are customized and personalized. Learn more!

Taking Notes

Coach Ranger and Intern Felix are helping.

Gratitude is a place of rest (1)

We don't post too much on social media, just enough to keep you inspired and your spirit and mind focused in a healthy direction.

Would a Lunch-and-Learn serve you?

Are you in-between budget cycles and have to wait to get new professional development funds approved? Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a motivating, equipping, and inspirational lunch-and-learn for just $500.

We have merchandise

Everything at Vashti's House is created to help you remember to make yourself at home. Uplifting, nurturing, inspiring.

Nurturing happens at Vashti's House

Nurturing is one of the things that is known to grow inner health and wellbeing. With a new baby in the family, it's made it a lot more fun! You can read more about the value of nurturing on our "Touching Base" page!

Learn more about Vashti's community experience.
Vashti's House

It's a good place to be.

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