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Come on in and help yourself!

Providing down home answers for navigating the internal obstacles for emotional wellness and mental health.  Vashti's House is empowering you to live healthy and happy in a toxic world. 

The Vashti's House approach is focused on helping yourself, instead of  self-helpSelf-help emphasizes finding answers within, which can often lead to a toxic state of recycling the old. Instead, Vashti's House is introducing the help-yourself approach, an invitation to help yourself to new information and experiences we all need for continual health and healing.

Trauma wounds, developmental gaps caused by trauma, and the absence of necessary life skills make us feel powerless and stuck.  Come on in and help yourself to the the right resources and experiences that will help you overcome internal barriers and grow past road blocks so you can live your life empowered! Let Vashti's House help you get there. 

According to the CDC, More than 64% of Americans have lived through adverse childhood experiences and are survivors of childhood trauma. Including me. 

Vashti's House is offering revolutionary solutions for becoming your own home base for healing and growth.  



Coach Ruby and Ranger live at the house, and they are spearheading this family fitness program for your inner health.  It's the only one of it's kind!

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You know you should put your phone down, but what would you do then?

Scared of putting down your phone?

Not sure what you'll do with with your hands and eyes without the distraction and comfort of your phone?

Nervous about where your brain will go without the interweb or the latest TikTok influencer leading you?

Get your copy today and begin your peaceful journey of inner healing.



NOT TO WORRY! Porch Ponderings was created especially for you! A beautiful, portable porch where you can slowly wean yourself from the high-jacking sensation of your phone, and into a more contemplative lifestyle.  

Start slowly by just looking at the pages and feeling the soft buttery texture of the book.  Then move at your own pace into picking a page with a carefully crafted contemplation to lead you out of your survival brain and into your cognitive brain.  It's painless!

Your brain is hardwired to process information, why not give it the chance so you can get out of your toxic spin cycles!


You're almost 100% certain you need therapy (I mean, who doesn't), but you don't have the time or money?

Once again, we've got you covered here at Vashti's House.  Just like grandma's house (because Vashti is a grandma) everything you could ever want or need to get yourself healed and nurtured is here! 

This Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Series is therapy you can take with you!  Friend, colleague and practicing clinical counselor Laurie Jackson has developed a series of booklets that address the most common reasons people see a therapist.   NOTHING can substitute in person connections, but with these books, you'll definitely feel a real connection to Laurie as she takes you into her caring,  engaging, and whimsical world while getting right to the core of things.   Available the end of February 2024.  Pre-order yours today! 

Children's books aren't just for children!

Giving our own children the opportunities WE didn't have to grow and thrive is the least we can do.  Vashti's House is all about helping you as a parent.  It's no different than what Vashti is already doing supporting her kids as they parent her grandkids!  

Additionally, many of us with interrupted and emotionally neglectful childhood experiences still need uplifting and nurturing experiences in our adult lives.  These books were made to be enjoyed by you and any child in your influence. These books are giving everyone the necessary experiences we need for growing-up and living whole. 

This captivating children's book provides an experience of building empathy and understanding. You and your child will love exploring feelings and perspective, with the whimsical and endearing kitties featured in this book.  



This beautifully illustrated book is an experience of mindfulness and gratitude.  It will draw you into the the wonder of paying attention to the little things and will remind you how much you are loved.  We're getting it printed and ready to go!  Pre-order yours today!

The best homes to visit are the ones with a full pantry!  Am I right?

Well, here at Vashti's House, we wouldn't DREAM of only having a few options for snacking around the kitchen island.

Check out the variety of options we have for getting the tasty nutrients for your inner self that you want and need! 

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If you're in need of some immediate encouragement or inspiration, check out our Front Porch Blogs and Vlogs. It's free and everyone is welcome!

Run my errands with me!  Errand running was always the time the kids and I had our deep talks.  Now that they're adults, the pep-talks I give my kids are the same ones I give myself!  Join us!

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Engaging and thoughtful merchandise to keep your memory of fun times fresh.  We're always adding new things at the Vashti's House Red Door Store


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Do we ever get out of the house?
For you, YES!  


Host a community workshop or treat your organization or business with a dynamic training experience .  Our trainers and workshop facilitators are the best at bringing you the most relevant information in a way you will remember!

What's Happening at The House?  Check, out the family photos.  

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