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There is a worldwide mental health crisis But not everyone has access to a therapist.  Until now! 

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booklets were made for EVERYONE!



"These therapy booklets focus on the most common reasons my clients see me.   These books are for everyone who needs therapy right where they are."  Clinical Counselor Laurie Jackson


How are you keeping yourself well nourished during the day?  Are you an on the go person? Or are you a sit down and savor the taste kind of person?

Whatever your preference, these booklets will keep you filled up with the nutritional truth you need!

feel better

Do you feel powerless to make the changes in your life you know you need?

will give you the specific steps you need to connect to your freedom to choose and learn how to use this superpower!  Once you make that walk across the road with Lenny the Chicken, it will change your life forever. 

No more living powerless.  Use your superpower and live empowered!

Something uncomfortable just happened and you've been triggered.  You're getting ready to push the panic button but instead you reach for: 

to find the perfect coping statement that will allow you to remember what's true and give you just enough time to work through your false beliefs about the situation. 

This booklet could change a moment in history for the better in just a few seconds!

Do you struggle with depression live with the constant struggle of feeling down? 


was created to help you learn to make this time into an awesome jazz piece by adding other notes.  Don't feel blue about feeling blue. Learn to make new music and see where it can take you!



ARE YOU A TREATMENT PROVIDER? This product was created as a low barrier resource for individuals who experience high levels of exterior and interior barriers. 
Supports evidence based mental health treatment modalities including: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) and others.  This is a resource your clients will use.   Contact us to inquire about discounted bulk orders: 

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