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You want to push the panic button, and let's face it, you usually do, but you don't want to!  This Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy booklet by clinician Laurie Jackson is your emergency button so you don't have to push the panic button.  In an emergency, pick up this little portable therapy book you carry with you, and pick one of these true statements you can tell yourself in the moment, to give yourself the time you need to act, instead of react.  


This little booklet is chalk full of the best coping statements you can tell yourself to help you move from your panic/survival brain, and into your cognitive/decision making brain so you can make a decision, instead of reinforcing your impulsive behaviors...which will undobetedly make things worse.


Do you want to get out of your negative spin cycles you get caught up in everytime you hit a bump in the road?  This booklet is your perfect reference guide to get you out, and keep you out!


Check out all of the Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy booklets.  It's therapy you can take with you wherever you go!  

"Help Me" Coping Statements

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