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We get the blues.   Sometimes it lasts for a few hours, a few days, or even months and years.  Usually there's a lot going on inside of us while we figure out the "why" and "next steps".  But did you know there is a healthy way to have the blues?  You heard that right!  The blues are a part of everyone's life.  It's true.  The bules are the bad sounding "chords" in our life and played alone, aren't enjoyable at all.  They are notes that repel us instead of engage us.  However, when you put those bad sounding chords to other notes, suddenly, beautiful music is happening.



In this Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Series booklet, clinical counselor and musician, Laurie Jackson will walk you through what things to add to your life that will help you create beautiful music with your life when you're feeling down.  It will not only be music enjoyed by you but others as well.  Don't do your down days alone, bring this portable booklet with you wherever you go as a helpful reminder of how to make those days count for the concert of your life. 

"Know Your Blues Scales" Creating Beautiful Music When You Have The Blues

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