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What is your orientation?

This picture was taken from the front yard of Vashti's House a few years ago. It begs the question, what is your orientation and why does it matter?

Did you know that there is a sport called orienteering? This sport consists of adventurers navigating the wilderness in search of predesignated landmarks with only a map and a compass as a guide. Everyone who wants to win in this game knows the integrity of the map and compass only matters if the orienteer knows how to use them.

Similarly, in the adventure of life, if we're not using the right tools and don't have the skills, to use those tools, we could be missing out on a lot of life's treasures.

Things to consider in finding life's treasures:

What is it you treasure and do you have a map to get you there?

What is your north star? What do you use to assess your current direction or situation?

What skills do you have to read your treasure map and stay oriented to your north star?

Remember, don't give up! If the treasures you seek weren't hard to find and hard to get, they wouldn't be treasures.

Happy treasure hunting!

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