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Discover the unique and engaging therapy kit, a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the benefits of therapy with the joy of play. This kit features the Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy booklets, a 3" waterproof sticker showcasing  Lenny with his inspirational cape and mini shield.


Lenny is  a constant reminder that everyone has the potential to use their superpower and enhance their mental health. Lenny the Chicken is unmatched in his ability to remove the stigma from therapy and make it fun, memorable, and impactful.


The therapy booklets, designed to be impactful and easy to understand, are your portable guide to self-improvement, ready to be referenced at any time.


Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have made this Therapy Kit one of Vashti's House's top sellers. It's a product that resonates with people from all walks of life, making mental health a fun and accessible journey for everyone.


Therapy in a kit doesn't get easier than this!

This kit includes:


  • Three Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Booklets
  • Plush Lenny with a cape and shield
  • "Use Your Superpower" vinyl sticker


Get yours today and see how therapy can be fun as well as impactful.


Pick-Me-Up Portable Therapy Kit

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