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et your complete mental health makeover with this fantastic All In Kit!


Our 'All In' kit is a comprehensive solution for all your mental health needs. It includes the Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain workbook and journal, perfect for self-reflection and growth.  All three of our on-the-go therapy booklets are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.  The aesthetic and beautifully inspiring Portable Porch book is a pocket-sized sanctuary for your mind. The popular How does the Kitty Feel children's book kit, complete with a canvas wall hanging for idenifying feelings and plush kitty, can be a gift for you or a friend ore both, because mental health is for everyone.!


These fantastic products provide a different experience, carefully crafted to help you heal, grow, and thrive.  Interactive, fun, life-changing, and full of easily accessible truths that will change your life immediately.  You don't have to be highly motivated to live mentally and emotionally healthy. Being mildly curious will take you a very long way with these Vashti's House products.  


Jumpstart your new life of living in peace, expectancy, and belonging and creating a sanctuary of health and healing wherever you go!  


Everything around you might be a disaster, but you don't have to be.  Get this "All In" kit today and let your life be changed for the better!


*FULL ALL-IN KIT includes

Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain Workout Manual

Grow Your Heart/Train Your Brain Daily Workout Journal

"I Workout" 3" vinyl waterproof sticker

Find Your Superpower Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Booklet

Help Me Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Booklet

Know Your Blues Scale Pick-Me-Up Pocket Therapy Booklet

Use Your Superpower 3" waterproof vinyl sticker

How Does the Kitty Feel  book to inspire empathy and perspective

How Does the Kitty Feel 12x14 canvas wall hanging

"I Feel Amazing" waterproof vinyl kitty sticker

Porch Ponderings book to inspire contemplation


The All In Kit!

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