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For social and human service providers. Law Enforcement, Social Worker, Case Management, Education, Corrections, Community Corrections.  Registration Closed

  • JUNE 21 

  • 8:00am to 12 noon        

  • $199    

  • Salem, Oregon                                    LEARN MORE

We as a nation are emotionally unwell. Let's change that!

Contact Vashti's House today and schedule an emotional wellness workshop for your business or organization or learn more about an upcoming workshop 


Did you know your emotions work like money?  A little or a lot, you can make your emotions work FOR you and get the tings in life you want!  


  will help you...

Identify the worth and value of different emotions so you're not "paying too much" on the wrong things!


Strategize for budgeting your emotional energy to meet your goals and improve internal health, relationships, and overall happiness!

Grow your emotional energy wealth so you have MORE TO INVEST in the causes, people, relationships and activities you love!


This 4  hour workshop is perfect for you if...

You're ok until you're not...and then EVERYONE knows it

You don't have emotions


You feel emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, or defeated

You have a lot happening in your life that demands your emotional energy


"Great training, amazing teacher, very eye opening" 

"Lots of  'hands-on'"

" I learned new skills I can use with my clients and in my own life"


JUNE 21st WORKSHOP - Tuesday, June 21 8:00am to 12 noon   3737 Portland Road NE, Salem OR     $199 


 FOUR HOUR workshop for human service and social service providers.

If you are working in a management or supervisory position in human or social services, you are working in a HIGH EMOTIONAL OUTPUT capacity. 

Your clients and team members depend on you being emotionally healthy and available

  • Reset your own emotional equilibrium  

  • Acquire more practical tools for implementing emotional health strategies for your team

  • Get extra resources to support your clients 

  • Get a lifetime return for only $199 and four hours 


REGISTRATION CLOSED                                                          Learn more at


Human services and social services executive team member workshop.

Seymour Center

3737 Portland Road NE

Salem, OR 97301

Tuesday, June 21

8am - 12 noon

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Professional Development Certificates with continuing education hours provided upon request for completed hours of workshops.

CE credit learning outcomes for the Emotional Wellness Workshop include: Maintaining an Emotionally Healthy Equilibrium:   Emotional Management Skill Building: Emotional Awareness in Self:  Strategies for Improving Emotional Investments


To schedule a workshop for your organization or business contact:



...maybe money can't buy you happiness....

But carefully invested emotional energy can!